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We are a leading manufacturer, exporters and supplier of Abrasive sand and Garnet based on Rajasthan, India. Shubhra Industries is a global material solution company that is established in 2010 by Mr Sanjeev Sharma who owns an intensive experience of 33 years in this domain. Since we are this industry, we are utilizing the raw materials from nature and providing solutions for different businesses. We specialize in sourcing, processing and value addition of natural minerals including Garnet abrasive sand, Quartz Granules, soapstone, Dolomite, Ceramic minerals, Calcite and more. Garnet sand is used in the manufacturing of Abrasives, TV tubes, grinding wheels, blasting media, water filtration and for glass polishing. Garnet sand can be found in various colours including blue, purple, yellow, green, brown, red, orange, black, pink and colourless in nature.

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• NATURAL ALMANDINE (GARNET) ABRASIVE – Natural Almandine is one of the most used Garnets in the gem trade. The chemical formula of Almandine is Fe3Al2Si3O12 that is the composition of Iron aluminium silicate.
• COPPER SLAG – Copper slag is made up of copper extraction by smelting. Copper slag is used for blast cleaning of hard surfaces, removal of mill scale, old paint, dirt and rust. We offer 100% of processed copper slag.

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